LOST Mirror Moments examples:

26 07 2010

Here are are some examples of LOST Mirror Moments for you guys. There are Spoilers included!!! Thanks for voting on the poll!
Christianity: In the Bible Psalm 23 starts: The Lord is my shepherd… In LOST Jack Shepherd was #23 reviled on Feb. 23, 2010. Jack had a son named David Shepherd, Psalm 23 was written by David. Furthermore, Jacks fathers name was Christian Shepherd.
Other religions: Buddhism – Casual references to Buddhism include the terms “Dharma,” which means duty, “Namaste,” a greeting, nirvana, Buddhism’s ultimate goal, and Shambala, a mystical Himalayan hidden kingdom.
Books: “The Stand” is well known to have several parallels to LOST with both stories about survivors of tragedy. The writers of LOST have stated that The Stand influenced the writing of LOST.
Movies: Spoiler Alert! “The Sixth Sense” has an ending where a main character is actually dead & we don’t know it until the end, just like our sideways world in LOST.
TV shows: “Flash Forward” on ABC has many parallels to LOST. From the actual flash forwards to the actors in the show.
Video games: Fallout3 – Heavy character development that influences the story based on your decision of right and wrong. Underground hatches. Saving humanity. (Thanks to Matt form the Smoke Hatch for this Mirror Moment example!)
Songs: There are many, but my favorite is; “What Faith can do” by Kutless. The lyrics parallel the struggle with Faith though out the show. Matt of Keys to LOST put together my favorite scenes from “Dr. Linus” to the song. You can here it here: http://www.keystolost.com , It is in the Rockin Moments part 1. Start listening at 1:34 to hear my moment right after Big Daddy Dez’s moment that goes well with mine.
Life: When Jacks Father told him: “You didn’t have what it takes.” in “White Rabbit”, it affected him for the rest of his life. Just like in real life, our words to children can shape them for life.
The show itself: I think you guys can get this one on your own. There are a TON in season 6 for sure!

What is NOT a LOST parallel: Anything that was made as a direct result of LOST because of the show. Examples would be songs from The Others LOST band, or Alex Hahn’s Missing White girls “Hate on Kate”.

I think that is it. If you want to add to the examples, please let me know.

Thanks & God Bless!

Ms. Wright




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