The first LOST Mirror Moments Podcast is up!

7 08 2010

This is the first LOST Mirror Moments Podcast. Anna in Indianan from Jacobs Cabin joined me as my first co-host & Andrew form After LOST also joined in. We had a lot of fun covering Parallels to the whole LOST series. I am sorry for the poor sound quality for parts of the podcast. I will post the e-mail from JB from Paris, France, the Creator of the website Feedback is welcomed!

Download the mp3




4 responses

10 08 2010
Laura Rainsford

Can I get this on to my Ipod? Please notify when new episodes are up, just in case I miss it on Twitter!




10 08 2010

Hi! Laura,
Yes it is on iTunes! Just search LOST Mirror Moments on iTunes & Subscribe please!

Ms Wright

12 08 2010
Laura Rainsford

Found it! I will be listening on the way to work this morning. Thanks!

12 08 2010

Great! Hope you enjoy it & let me know what you think. 🙂

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