The first podcast?

11 08 2010

So, the first podcast has been up for five days. What do you think?




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12 08 2010

From Ms Wright: The comments on PollDaddy are whacked out so I am going to put the comments from there here:
I like the “mirror moments” concept. However if Christianity is going to be the only religion that is focused on I will tune out. A lot of Lost fans are not Christians, and a lot of Lost themes are taken from other religions and cultures. So be fair about that. Also, that praise music is very loud and not good. Terrible music will turn people off really fast. But hey, if you want to do a Lost/Christian podcast that’s great, just tell us that’s what it is. It’s great to focus on biblical connections, but don’t forget that the bible is Jewish too. Thanks I liked it and will listen again
Posted by Marcy on August 12th 2010, 4:11am

Hi Marcy I just wanted to make a quick comment in regard to the “Christianity” concept. Jacob and Essau are from the Tanach (the Hebrew Bible) or as Christians would call it, The Old Testment. As are Psalm 23, David, Aaron. Not quite sure why us Christians felt it necessary to add our book (new testament) to the Hebrew Tanach (old testament). I thought the podcast was excellent. Alot of input going around in just one hour.
Posted by kane on August 12th 2010, 5:52pm

Thank you so much for your comment Marcy! Please listen to my introduction podcast if you haven’t already. It is about 18 minutes minus the song. (I agree it is a little loud & will try to fix that, but I love the song. You can bow out for it as that it is at the end. 😉 The intro. explains that I am focusing on Christianity & that I will not shy away from talking about Jesus. However, I also note as I did at the end of the first podcast, that all religions parallels are welcomed! In fact, I want to have more in the podcast. Jesus was a Jew & there are several Jewish Mirror Moments in LOST. I would LOVE for you to submit some of the Jewish LOST Mirror Moments! You can e-mail in or call in live if you are willing.
I am also really hoping that I will get a lot of submissions to other things like books, movies, other TV shows, life, excreta. I want it to be parallels in LOST to EVERYTHING!

Thanks & God Bless!

Ms Wright – I can’t post on my own poll on PollDaddy so I will tell you I responded August 12, 2010

12 08 2010

I want to let everyone know that the first podcast was done on my phone b/c there was a problem with my microphone & I am pretty sure that I have figured out the problem so the next podcast should be much better on the Audio front. 🙂
Ms Wright

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