Corrwills Peanut Butter Mirror Moment to LOST:

30 10 2010

Peanut Butter:
So peanut butter was a big deal in the past episode “Confidence Man” Something I always think about when making a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich is the first “Got Milk?” commercial from October 1993. You remember… it was that guy in a museum or something surrounded by old memorabilia, most having to do with Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

He is contacted by a radio station to answer a question for $10,000: Who shot Alexander Hamilton? He tries to say, ”Aaron Burr,” with his mouth full of a sticky peanut-butter sandwich, but without milk to wash it down, no one can understand him. A memorable commercial indeed 🙂 I found it online cause I haven’t see it on years…

Not only is it funny that it’s about Peanut Butter and a people named Alex and Aaron, but the ACTOR in the commercial is none other than Sean Whalen AKA our very own favorite 815 log carrying guy… Neil “Frogurt”

Random commercial info:
Guy on the phone is well known voice actor Rob Paulsen and the director is “Mr. Explosions” Michael Bay.

– Corrwill




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30 10 2010

Or if it was a Neil LOST flashback, would it have been ” Got Yogurt?” 🙂

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