Happy Thanksgiving! Here is the best of LOSTMM so far…

25 11 2010

Hey LOSTies,
I put this together really fast for my family to hear, but I didn’t get to listen to all of the 20+ hours recorded so far… So, if you think I left anything really great out, please let me know!!
I wish I could have gotten a little bit of all of the co-hosts on here, but like I said I did it in a hurry & I needed to keep it under 10 mins!
Either way, I hope you enjoy what I collected as a little compilation of the best of & a mix of what we do for LOST Mirror Moments!

It is 98% Spoiler free, so you can share it with family & friends that didn’t watch LOST. (They just may not get it all though, lol!)

Download the mp3

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA! I hope this little clip will make you internatianal listeners happy & that you will not miss us too much this week. 😉

Special THANKS to everyone that has co-hosted, sent in Refections, been in the Live Chats & listened to LOST Mirror Moments! It wouldn’t be as great as it is with out ALL of you!! I am Thankful for YOU!! 🙂

Thanks & God Bless,

Ms. Wright




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