Episode 17 Extras for “Orientation” (Locke) & 204 “Everybody Hates Hugo” (Hurley).

24 01 2011

Here are all of the many extras discussed on the 17th episode of LOST Mirror Moments.

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LOST Tattoo Guy

Here is the best/worse LOST Tattoo ever! This is NOT related to LOSTTattooGuy!

Best/Worse LOST Tattoo ever!

Best/Worse LOST Tattoo ever!

B.F. Skinner

Alvar Hanso vid:

A leap of Faith.

Leap  Of Faith MiMo

Desmond’s Original Photograph in the first broadcast of the episode “Orientation”

Desmond & mystery woman

Desmond & mystery woman

Looks very Photoshoped to me! ~ Ms Wright

Des & Penny Photo

Des and Penny Photo

Des and Penny Photo

Via Lostpedia: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Desmond%27s_photograph

From Corrwill:

Target Lost Finale Commercials:
Hatch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVdpCz1hz-k

Smoke Monster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCfGvPkdUXQ&feature=related

Boar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDyLeu7zIZE&feature=related

The Swan Orientation Video LMM to “Volcano” 1.03 South Park episode
“Duck and Cover” http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/149714/duck-cover

2006 Lost Superbowl Commercial
“Addicted to Lost”

(long version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzW5qtpddrs

(short version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFv0XHLoOJs&feature=related

Lost Widget (for Mac)

Swan Computer Alarm Clock.(April Fools)

Disney’s Golden Oaks Ranch: The New Residential Streets

Dharma Lane and Destiny Way

Dharma Lane and Destiny Way

Dharma Lane and Destiny Way

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The Duckworth 🙂
Ducktales Duckworth

From Nelly061 on Twitter:

I cant find the pic I meant, but it’s sorta a combination of these 2 duckshttp://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/_img/chars/char_11057.jpgGladstone Gander


Animated Locke

and heres Rowlf and Hurley comparison
Hurley and Rowlf

here’s a video of Bernard in Perfect strangers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLnFhkSlzrA

and a Warriors vest. it looks alot browner than I thought

Warrior Vest

Warrior Vest

and a clip of Kimmel talking to Desmond

note that to the right of him is claire, who has a very odd princess Leilah hairstyle on.


Here is Nellys funny Reflections / Feedback:

ok Im sending some for this week’s podcast

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for Orientation, this was a big ep coming off of learning new things from s1.

also the previous eps in s2 were very slow to reveal things, as we kept revisiting either the same hr down in the hatch, or the raft where they were just drifting and arguing

the big reveal came from the orientation video which is where the title comes from

What I’ve always wondered since then is more about the numbers. Everyone pointed out, since episode 1 of season 2, is that 108 is adding up all the numbers. So is that where the countdown came from? Or are there other reasons? We see the numbers on the hatch door, so did they just like to use the numbers over and over again? I think that was their intent, and the fans like finding them on the show, but I dont think there was any specific reason, they just wanted to ppl to know that they were always around. What do you think?

as for the ep itself:

* the girl Francine, in Locke’s anger management meeting, she had dark hair and glasses, so she reminded me of zoey from s6, as they were both annoying

* i think it’s been mentioned before but kate crawling around in the ventilation shaft reminded me of bruce willis in die hard

* in locke’s flashback he had a funny wig on. he kind of looked like a duck which reminded me of duck tales, and corrwill’s old twitter pic was of scrooge mcduck, who was the star of duck tales

* kate says the line ‘theres gotta be a front door in this place’ which reminded me of all the episodes they wasted trying to open the hatch, and how boone died as a result, all of which could have been avoided had they seen the front door, which was not that hard to find in the first place

* ana lucia has a sleeveless vest on which she wears frequently in the season, it looks very similar to the vest the Warriors had in the movie ‘the Warriors.’ this is very significant as ana lucia is a huge bitch, and is usually shown to be more of one, when she has the vest on

* the film says it is 3 of 6 so presumably 6 stations, like there are 6 numbers

* it also says the Swan in the title and theres a pic of a swan on the logo, outside of the film, no one actually mentions ‘swan’ until very later in s5. If you do a search for “u.s. swan device’ there is some info on a type of nuclear bomb developed in the 1950s which could have been an interesting clue for what was to come in later seasons

* they show chang or marvin candle as he introduces himself and he has a prosthetic hand, which I never noticed when I watched originally back in 2005. this is one of many more characters w/ missing body parts.

* also there is the part about the missing film which talks about using the computer for other reasons. this never made sense to me about why that part was cut out, but still kept and saved in another station, what was the whole point of that. booo

* when desmond runs away hey show him take vials of the medicine he was injecting himself with. Not sure what the point of that was. even in dharma in s5 they never explain what was i(or what they believe what was) in those vaccines

* locke yelling at the sky ‘what am I supposed to do’ reminds me of myself of what happens whenever I lose internet at home, and cant seem to fix it

* ana luca ends up being a liar to them in the tiger trap. and we also learn in later eps that she is a cop. this reminds me of the premise of the old tv show 21 jump street

* Im sure but this may have been the 1st time desmond says ‘see u in another life’ which became a famous Lost line. alot of fans took this as a clue of some sort when this first aired In a video of some sort of Lost dinner/panel hosted by jimmy kimmel held prior to s3 (which is still on youtube I think) with the whole cast there, kimmel mentions re: desmond and jack’s meeting that he thought that desmond was the devil, and the water that he gives jack somehow healed sarah, or gave him the power to heal her. Cusick responds when he played the scene he originally thought he was an angel

thoughts on everybody hates hugo:

* the opening has a crazy hurley dream, which reminds me of twin peaks (my fave show

* also when this first aired, they showed parts of the dream in the ‘coming up next week’ promos, so everyone thought it was odd when they showed Jin speaking english.

* what struck me as odd was hurley being the only one who believes the numbers are bad, so why does he go along w/ the task of one of the ones assigned to punch them in?

* when hurley faints in his flashback, it reminded me of my mom who told me the same thing when i was a kid: that i only eat garbage and that I dont exercise.
* the theme of the ep is what hurley hears in his dream ‘everything’s going to change,’ He hears this from his mom in the flashback too. what I find odd is that hurley keeps the lottery winning to himself, because he doesnt want things to change. I never understood why hurley was happy w/ the way his life was, prior to winning the lottery.
* hurley’s hair looks really puffy in this ep, so he resembles Rowlf from the muppets, or muppet babies if you prefer
* ana lucia still has her warrior vest on, and is still a huge bitch
* hurley’s friend starla reminds me of another show Fringe, cause the dude in that show was in mighty ducks w/ starla
* bernard opens the door when they arrive, that reminds me of perfect strangers, since thats the earliest show I can remember him on
* the prank they play on Randy w. the garden gnomes, that didnt seem like that big a deal did it?
* Hurley comes close to blowing up the whole hatch, but is talked out of it. Later on, he does eventually blow up the rest of the black rock
* some random lines that remind me of the last episode, and hurley’s fate: Locke says to him ‘you dont get to quit” and Hurley telling jack ‘ you put me in charge, this is what we’re doing’ [re:the food distribution]

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