Episode 19 Extras

7 02 2011

Here are the Extras from the 19th episode of LOST Mirror Moments.

First up: Ms Wrights laugh Vs. the Muttley Laugh

The Ms. Wright Laugh, (With a little bit of Ms Wendy at the end):
Download the mp3


The Muttley Laugh:

Thanks to Nelly for point this out! It is pretty funny!!!

What do you guys think??

Cortney Corrwill’s Favorite Shoes that are a Mirror Moment!
108 Shannon Shoes

The third largest Snow/winter storm in Chicago’s History:
I tweeted:
# TheREALMsWright
It is 23 degrees at my house right now. #23 #LOST

# Mark jeremybentham42

I see your 23 and raise you a 15 😉 #LOST http://twitpic.com/3vlq46 RT @TheREALMsWright It is 23 degrees at my house right now. #23 #LOST

# Matt Matty_G_

I’ll raise you a 42 :p http://twitpic.com/3vnr31 @jeremybentham42 @therealmswright #LOST 10:32 PM Feb 1st via Twitter for iPhone in reply to jeremybentham42

jeremybentham42 Mark

The temp keeps dropping. Will it be 4 tomorrow night? http://twitpic.com/3vx25r @LOSTMM

Lost Mego action figures
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