Episode 21 Extras – “Hunting Party” & “Fire + Water”

21 02 2011

Here are the Extras from our Episode 21 with Ms. Wright & Jonine:

From Nelly061 on twitter:
It all about WINGS!
Matthew Fox on Wings:

Matthew Fox on WINGS

Matthew Fox on WINGS

I Come In Peace – Trailer (We do NOT endorse this BAD movie!)

From Corrwill:
Found a video with my Lost Rockin’ Moment song 🙂 How nice of them. Needs more “light” though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twYaEb62-b8

From Lost tattoo guy: wanted to tell you about a lost reference in last night’s episode of “House”. Here’s a link:
I heard this via Damon’s tweeter: DamonLindelof Okay. If there WAS a zombie season, it would sure as hell look like THIS — http://go.ign.com/h6Q8bP

Ms Wright’s Rear View MiMo in my local grocery store:

Ms Wrights Rear View MiMo

Ms Wrights Rear View MiMo

From LOST Tattoo Guy:

Lost reference in an episode of “House”. Here’s a link http://www.sl-lost.com/2011/02/15/video-lost-reference-on-last-nights-house/

The Price is Right losing horn:

Yesterday and Today Album cover

Yesterday and Today Album cover

The scene where Charlie’s father chops off the doll’s head (as a butcher in his flashback) was an homage to this Beatle’s album, “Yesterday and Today” (where band members were featured among slabs of meat and decapitated dolls).

The Widmore Construction sign:

Widmore Construction Sign

Widmore Construction Sign

Widmore Construction sign on Battersea Power Station, a famous landmark on London’s skyline, and which also features on the cover of the Pink Floyd album Animals (“Fire + Water”)




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23 02 2011
Tweets that mention Episode 21 Extras – “Hunting Party” & “Fire + Water” « Lost Mirror Moments -- Topsy.com

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jonine Woods and Ms. Wright , Ms. Wright . Ms. Wright said: I have updated the #LOST MiMos Episode 21 Extras! Check them out! http://bit.ly/gzpWar @Corrwill @Nelly061 @LOSTTattooGuy @MsLaFleur82 […]

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