Episode 24 = TalkShoe FAIL!

21 03 2011

The episode we recorded on Saturday night with Ms Wendy & Janey has yet to upload to TalkShoe. So, until it is there I can’t do anything about it.
I have called them as well as e-mailed them & received this response:
For some reason our upload server is bogged down. From the time you hit the TERMINATE button it takes on average 30 minutes to an hour for a show to appear. In times like this with server issues, it can take upwards to 24 hours. I have been informed that shows are starting to be posted even as I type this. It may take a few more hours for things to catch up

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

So, sorry folks but I have to wait on Talkshoe. I will let you know as soon as it is ready!

UPDATE!!! Message from TalkShoe:
Sorry for the problem with getting your recording posted. The processing queue got very large and it took more than 24 hours for some of the shows from late Saturday and Sunday to process, but all should be processed correctly now. The problem has been fixed by the TalkShoe technical team and fast processing in now restored.

I just want to confirm that you are finding that all of your recordings are appearing correctly?

Again, sorry for the problem and thank you for your continued use and support of the TalkShoe system.

I am uploading part 1 of episode 24 to iTunes this morning & will get the rest up tonight. Thanks LOSTies!!

Thanks & God Bless!

Ms. Wright




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