Episode 24 – “Lockdown” & “Dave” Extras

23 03 2011

From: IleneW
looks a lot like dharma. From Karate Kid with that Smith kid. #LOST @lostMM yfrog.com/h4ii6fqj

Karate Dharma

Karate Dharma

From Corrwill:
I can’t believe no one sent this in…

On Chuck last week in the episode “Chuck Vs. The First Bank of Evil” a character receives a bank card from her father that has all the lost numbers on it AND THEY ARE NOT HARD TO SEE 🙂
Later in the episode she goes to the bank and hands to card to the Bank manager to get into her lockbox. Yeah a bank lockbox reminds us of Kate, BUT the Bank manager to whom she hands the card is none other than Francois Chau AKA Dr. Pierre Chang himself. Too funny 🙂

Here is a link and some pics:

LOST Numbers on Chuck

LOST Numbers on Chuck

Chang on Chuck

Chang on Chuck

Sweet! I want to go to there 🙂
From Jorge Garcia’s blog:


-Cortney (corrwill)

From: Janey

– This one I got from Nikki Stafford who has a very cool website for Lost and other favorite TV shows such as Alias and Buffy. She notes that when the camera shows the countdown clock, it’s often sitting at 47 minutes. The number 47 was a prominent number on “Alias’ during its first 3 seasons. Nikki Stafford also wrote 5 great books for Lost fans, one for each season. Each is titled “Finding Lost”. Here are the links to her blog and her books.




4) Nikki Stafford also recommends this link as the best screen capture with translations of the Latin phrases on the blast door map.


Sawyer calls Jack Amarillo Slim:

Ms. Wendy’s Mystery science theater 3000 Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders:

Sorry, I couldn’t find Hurley’s music clip to compare it to.

Sawyer calls Jack Cool Hand. Makes me think of “Cool Hand Luke”

Was the Safe deposit box room, same as the one Kate was in.

From Susan:
I really love this #Lost related pic http://yfrog.com/gy8l5nj b/c it looks like Josh is holding my license plate! http://yfrog.com/h3c2d4j

Found Josh

Found Josh



Jacob and the Man in Black: LOST Game:

Mancala game board:

Mancala game board

Mancala game board

Connect Four Commercial 1970’s, Pretty Sneaky sis:




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