Episode 28 Special – EXTRAS

10 05 2011

Here are the Extras from our 28th episode:

From Corrwill:
Watching #TheRocketeer and when Terry O’Quinn’s name comes on the screen it’s the same time the plane is shown with the number 4.
Check it out here:

And also from Corrwill:
Heard this song on iTunes shuffle mode today. #LMM My mom had this Amy Grant CD in the 90’s

from Laura:
@LOSTMM #Lost numbers on #Fringe “The Last Sam Weiss”

LOST Numbers on Fringe

LOST Numbers on Fringe

Corrwill again: @LostMM Tonight made me remember this… I was shocked at the incorrect time he was given. Read 9/11 close call http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_MacFarlane#9.2F11_close_call

Top male baby names for 2010. 1 Jacob 2 Ethan 3 Michael. Maybe a lot of LOST fans out there lol. Link to top Baby Names in 2010

From After LOST
Today’s Woot! shirt seems like a good one for @TheREALMsWright of @LOSTMM or @Nan_C_Drew – I GOT ONE! ~ Ms. Wright

Two Queens in Mirror

Two Queens in Mirror

From LOST Tattoo Guy’s fb page
John Locke – Save me, I’m LOST!




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