Big giveaway tonight!

28 05 2011

I will be giving away a LOST Pilot Script signed by Josh Holloway (aka James “Sawyer” Ford!)
How to win it:
1) Be a first time caller & call in during our LIVE show Tonight! May 28, 2011! (Nelly, 803er, Foxy108, JohnnyNBA, heymeeshi & Bad_Wobot all qualify!!) Link to podcast tonight!
2) Answer some random LOST trivia questions that we have talked about during the Trivia section of our podcast!
3) If more then 1 person calls in you will need to be fast to answer first & the one that gets the most answers correct will win!

Here it is! Thanks to @Loster21/Erin & @JessOrso for donating the LOST script to us!

LOST Pilot Script

LOST Pilot Script

* Sorry, previous co-hosts & STLost group are excluded.




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