Episode 29 LOST Vacations

30 05 2011

Join Michelle & Ms. Wright as we talk about our LOST vacations to Hawaii & St Louis. We have a lot of fun talking about our MiMos while on our trips. Ms Wrights phrase for the night was “My BAD!”. We do some LOST trivia from our S2 re-watch at the end & give out a LOST script to our new friend DharmaSub!

Download the mp3

From Michelle’s Hawaii vacation. Ms Wright saying “My Bad” wasn’t from this photo! You will have to listen to the podcast to hear the story!

STLost MsWright - Copyrighted

STLost MsWright - Copyrighted

From Ms Wrights trip to St Louis. Do you know what this is? 😉

Extras, with more photos to come soon!




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