Episode 30 – “A Tale of Two Cities”&”The Glass Ballerina” Extras!

5 06 2011

From Janey:

1) YouTube Video of Josh Holloway Interview on “the View” on April 14, 2022

2) Deleted Scene that reveals what really happened to cause all the cuts on Kate’s wrists after being handcuffed by Ben at the


3) A YouTube video featured on Justin and Matt’s “We Have To go Back” Lost Blog “We Have to Go Back” that shows ALL the scenes that occurred on multiple episodes in real time of the plane crash of Oceanic 815:

4) This is the link to the Mobisiode “The Envelope” where Juliet shows Amelia the envelope that probably contains Ben’s spinal x-rays:


5) These are the links to the YouTube videos and lyrics for Garth Brooks’ country song “When You Come Back to Me” which is
featured in the video montage at the end of the movie “Frequency” starring Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Julia “Jules” Sullivan and including main characters named John Sullivan and Jack Shepard. The movie is an entertaining time travel, alternate history, thriller movie made in 2000.

A) This is the YouTube link to the song with the video montage from the end of the movie “Frequency”:

B) This is the Google link with the song and the lyrics included:


C) GarthBrooks – “When You Come Back to Me” Lyrics:

There’s a ship out

On the ocean

At the mercy of the sea.

It’s been tossed about,

LOST and broken,

Wandering aimlessly.

And God somehow You know that ship is me.

‘Cause there’s a lighthouse

In the harbor,

Shining faithfully.

Pouring its light out,

Across the water,

For this sinking soul to see

That someone out there still believes in me.


On a prayer,

In a song,

I hear your voice

And It keeps me hanging on.

Raining down,

Against the wind,

I’m reaching out,

Till We reach the circle’s end

When you come back to me again.

There’s a moment

We all come to

In our own time and our own space

When all that we’ve done

We can undo

If our heart’s in the right place.


And again I see

My yesterdays in front of me.

Unfolding like a mystery,

You’re changing all that is and used to be.


Hydra (in Greek Mythology)

 Hydra (in Greek Mythology)

Hydra (in Greek Mythology)

Hydra (in fresh water ponds)

 Hydra (in fresh water ponds)

Hydra (in fresh water ponds)

Chimera (in Greek Mythology)

 Chimera (in Greek Mythology)

Chimera (in Greek Mythology)

Cerebrus (in Greek Mythology)

 Cerebrus (in Greek Mythology)

Cerebrus (in Greek Mythology)

Ms Wright’s Extras:
Sawyer called Kate Short Cake. As in Strawberry Shortcake

The Red Sox winning the World Series


Sawyer called Karl Chachi from Happy days.
Chachi may refer to:
▪ Chhachi, sub-section of Kohli Khokran clan in India and Pakistan
▪ Chachi people, an indigenous people of Ecuador
▪ Chachi language (Cha’palaachi language), Barbacoan language spoken by the Chachi people
▪ Chachi Arcola, character on American television sitcom Happy Days
▪ Chachí, giant Argentinian ferns.

Fever Pitch the movie:

A fan vid pointing out Drew & jimmy filming the movie.

Logan’s Run (trailer) – Thanks for the MiMos Ms. Wendy!

Jack’s crossword:

In the episode “A Tale of Two Cities”, Jack can be seen in a flashback reaching for his beeper. Underneath the beeper, a large crossword puzzle can be seen, similar to the one Locke had in the Swan. The crossword puzzle shown is the actual Monday, July 31, 2006 (probably a production error) Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle, authored by George Shayler.

It is worth noting that Jack (fully) completes his crossword puzzle in pen with no visible signs of error, whereas Locke uses a pencil, and is depicted on camera frustratingly erasing an error.

Visible Clues and Answers:


42. Unpleasant but indispensable parts of a job : Answer: Necessary Evils


4. Chimney Duct : Answer: Flue
8. “Attack!” to Rover : Answer: Sic
23. Latvian or Lithuanian : Answer: Balt

Other notable answers:

* Raft (34 Across, see Rafts)
* Prenatal (50 Across, see Pregnancies)
* O’Toole (31 Across, O’Toole’s Irish Pub, where Bernard and Rose met, see photo)
* Aces (see Games)
* Heroes (40 Across)
* Oven (2 Down, Juliet burned her hand on the oven)
* Heavy Drinker (26 Down clue, Jack’s Father)
* Essential Facts (30 Across)

Link to the Crosswords in LOST:




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