Episode 37 Extras!

2 08 2011

Here is the new LOST video released at Comic Con from Darlton.

From Matt:

LOST Tour: Moving On –

Matt’s Tattoo:

Matt's Tattoo

Matt's Tattoo

Matt;s Dharma Mirror Moment he mentioned while talking to Kris White!

Dharma Mirror Moment

Dharma Mirror Moment

Damond Lindolof’s Chuck E. Cheese quote Matt was talking about:


From Rob:

This is the better version of the song Medusa then what was posted in the podcast:

Talk from Michelle of polar bears in the previous Mirror Moments episode randomly reminded me that in Britain we produce a brand of mint named FOX’s Glacier Mints – and TV commercials that advertise this variety of mint feature a polar bear AND indeed a fox.

This past week the Genesis song Duchess has figured prominently in my life. And its following two lyric lines “all she had to do was step into the light” and “Against the others in her world”, fit perfectly to aspects of the storyline of LOST. And also, in a dream a few days back, Hurley contacted me to tell me that the studio album that Duchess is a track on would be better if the letter K in its title was replaced by the letter D.

duke / "dude" Gensis

duke / "dude" Gensis

From Janey:

A Real life Rearview #LOST MiMo 3.3 Further Instructions: RT @CBSNews: Huge pot farm bust n Calif. national forest:


Forever LOST:


From Andrew at After Lost:

Power Laces:


The After Lost blog with coverage of Comic Con:


Check it out:

Jay and Jack with After LOST

Jay and Jack with After LOST

Kris White’s The 36 project:


Support it here on Kickstarter:


What amount will you donate? 4 8 15 16 23 42 or 108 dollars??!! (Really any amount helps, even just $1. 🙂




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