Episode 40 Extras!

21 08 2011

Here are some of the Extras from our 40th episode:

From Rob, (AKA LostHeartToKate):

The birth scene at the beginning of The Man Behind The Curtain initially led us to believe that it was set on the Island in the present day, and when the couple emerged onto the highway we quickly learned it was a twist and it was actually the birth of Ben Linus back in 60’s Portland in the state of Oregon. And this reminded me of the twist movie endings of M. Night Shyamalan and particularly the scene in The Village in which Ivy Walker discovered the highway and we suddenly learned that she was actually in the early 21st-century and not in the early 20th-century…

The talk of The Wizard of Oz in The Man Behind The Curtain reminded me that the book the film is based upon was penned by L. Frank Baum. And a presenter of the community radio station I am a member of is also named Baum, and he thinks I am a wizard at his Name That Tune quiz – as I regularly answer it correctly on just one single note. And here is a selection of the videos that I created to replicate the radio presenter Mr. Baum’s Name That Tune quizzes I correctly answered on just the one single note…
The following Madonna song has featured heavily in my life this week, and one of its lyric lines includes mention of “the others”… http://youtu.be/pufec0Hps00

MiMo: Yesterday when I was re-watching the first two episodes of season 4 I stopped to take a break and left on a scene heavily featuring Hurley, and to my surprise I spotted on Facebook that the then current TeeFury shirt also featured Hurley in a nod to the Colonel Sanders/KFC logo… http://www.teefury.com/archive/1306/Mr__Cluck_s_Fried_Chicken/

Rob, (AKA LostHeartToKate)

From Nelly:


the end of part 1, w/ locke in the ditch, is very strangely similar to a scene in the show twin peaks. http://t.co/BQUUIy4  But do not watch unless you’ve seen the show

From Ms Wright:

Decker Station – http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Dexter_Stratton

Greta was played by Lana Parrilla, she is going to be in Once Upon a Time.

From ForeverLost, Henry Parker in response to Damond:
@DamonLindelof Don’t blame Justin Bieber! YOU & @CarltonCuse caused this drama! Just watch the TRANSLATED footage:

SO Funny!!!

Mark’s / SouthSiderStudios: City Cops:

Part 2 is here!

City Cops 2
City Cops 2


More to come…




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