Episode 43 – “The Constant” & “The Other Woman”.

14 09 2011

Join Michelle & Janey for this special SDLOSTTweetUp episode. There are a lot of great MiMos for “The Constant”. There is also a special interview with Dharma Scientist.


From Janey:

1) This is the link called “Joshua’s Long Day” that includes  the discussion of the Bible story about the day stood still in the book of Joshua and info and a map about the other cultures who have similar stories:


2) This is the link to see the tattoo worn by Martin Keamy in “The Constant”.

Keamys tats

Keamys tats

3) The five-toed paw tattoo on Keamy’s right shoulder vaguely resembles the company logo of Blackwater Worldwide,  a privately-owned Tactical Training & Contract Security Service organization (Mercenary) headquartered in North Carolina. Kevin Durand, who played Martin Keamy, also had these same visible tattoos when he guest starred on one episode of the TV series “Shark”, suggesting that they are the actor’s (as well as the characters’). This is the link to see the logo for Blackwater Worldwide.


4) In light of Keamy’s role in LOST, and its mirror to this year’s episode of “Damages” where the owner of a mercenary company plays the role of the bad guy, this is the link to read more about Blackwater and its history and operations. It is actually a very interesting article. For instance, the founder of Blackwater, Erik Prince, was a former Navy Seal which mirrors America’s recent operation to catch Bin Ladin. Blackwater has changed names several times and is actually now called Xe Services. There is a very interesting story for Michelle about how they almost opened a training facility near San Diego; it is under the subheading “Corporate History.”

From Michelle:
……The movie “NEXT” (2007)http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0435705/

Next – Movie Trailer:

Nicolas Cage can see into the future and predict future events.

And just like Desmond, Nicolas Cage says:

“Here’s the thing about the future.  Every time you look at it, it changes because you looked at it.
And that changes everything else.”

Nick Cage visor tortur device, similar to Karl in Room 23
No matter what he does to try to change things, Jessica Biel’s character is still going to die.
Charlie 1 unit
Warehouse where a bombing is being planned / van (Sayid)
Takes place in Los Angeles
Who ARE you people?

Furthermore, NEXT is loosely adapted from a short story written by Phillip K. Dick, called The Golden Man. (Other movies based on Philip K. Dick stories are Total Recall and Minority Report.) The Golden Man has a character with a superpower of precognition (just like Desmond).


VALIS By: Philip K. Dick





LOSTMMTweetUp Photos:
Dan Faraday Bobble Head

Dan Faraday Bobble Head

Future Dharma

Future Dharma

Panda Zin Garden

Panda Zin Garden

Room 305

Room 305



Sun Chips

Sun Chips

Easy Button

Easy Button




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