Ms Wright’s Smoke Monster Halloween Costume from 2010 is back if you want to use the idea! Happy Halloween!

27 10 2011

>Ms Wright went as the Smoke Monster for Halloween this year. Complete with the flashes, a polar bear, & one of Keamy’s men in it. lol
** 11.2.10 – Here is the recently added video of me to YouTube… LOL! It is funny!

Here are some photos:

Front of the costume.

Back of costume. I had to put a sign on my back so that people would know what I was! LOL

The front of the costume. You can see the flash of light under the guy.

Another photo of me in my office.

The tools to help complete the costume. I had a little iTunes speaker to play the Smoke Monster sounds on. It was load. The flash helped make it more authentic. lol!

The tools to make the costume I used felt material with sparkles in it. I bunched up the material by stapling it from underneath. I sewed a few key spots like under the arms, by the shoulders & by the hips. I used black pantyhose to cover up the hole I cut out to see. I sewed it on so that it was really hard to see. I bought a little soldier at the Dollar store for $1. I already had the polar bear.




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