Episode 48 – Extras

8 11 2011

Here are some of the Extras from Episode 48 with Ms Wright, Bill Kava & Janey:

@DharmaSub Team Reyes
 On 11/1/11 our Solar Panel array produced 815 Kw. The same day I hit 815 tweets. So this is my best @LOSTMM @LOSTies 🙂
815 KWs

815 KWs

@corrwill Cortney Williams
@LostMM @TheREALMsWright @lostfangirl Little Sawyer visits Aulani in Hawaii 🙂 bit.ly/vwFL1F

@GoBoSox54 Laura
Don’t you know who I am? I’m one of the Oceanic 6! #FF @jckLost @nelly061 @LOSTMM @lostfangirl @echobase77 #Lost



@comeuppence Joel Henderson
Just saw a @Lostmm on @engadget: Says “daniel” “Faraday” and talks about a “retro” future. eeeeehhhh BOOM #LOST http://twitpic.com/6ygfeu

@JoeInTX JoeInTX
@TheREALMsWright Not that I’m a St Louis Cardinals fan, but the guy that hit the game winning homerun tonight wore #23! #LOST_Numbers Link to #23 David Freeze:


@mmjamallama Estes Gage
@TheREALMsWright @lostfangirl Have u heard Siri Song? If so, did you catch the @LOSTMM? Listen at tinyurl.com/3k2owzc tinyurl.com/3b7awlr
Jonathan: What’s The meaning of life? Suri: 42

Ladies of Lost:

I haven’t seen too many lately, but last night I saw two on TV!  I recorded the first one off of my computer.  Sorry it’s not too professional – ha!

The Office:  “The Man in Black” (see attached clip) 4:20-5:40

Person of Interest: Mr. Finch (formerly known as Ben Linus) hands a businessman a gold watch and says, “from my time in Japan I learned never to go to a business meeting empty handed”.  Sound familiar??

Take care,


<jamallama> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candle_clock
<jamallama> The Fray Promo S5
<jamallama> lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/fray/youfoundme.html
<jamallama> Group photo:






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