Episode 49 – “Jughead” & “The Little Prince” / William Mapother interview!

13 11 2011

Part 1:

Join Michelle, Ms Wendy & Ms Wright for this very, very special podcast. It is very, very special becuse we have two special guests! First is Alex Hahn from It Only Ends Once & Podtourage podcasts. We talk about Mirror Moments in LOST Eps “Jughead” & “The Little Prince”.
Then, we have a very special LOST Actor that gave us an awesome interview. You can hear our very fun conversation with William Mapother (Ethan on LOST) in Part two! Enjoy it!

Part 2: William Mapother interview!

William Mapother (Ethan on LOST)

William Mapother (Ethan on LOST)

Join Michelle & Ms Wright as we interview LOST Actor William Mapother who played Ethan Rom/Goodspeed. It was a really fun interview & William was so nice to spend time with us talking LOST his Movie Another Earth as well as other projects he has like Slated!



You can find out more about Slated & William at his website: http://www.williammapother.com/slated/


Listen here to the interview:

Photo William mentioned of him at the LOST Convention.

William Mapother and Mira Furan

William Mapother (Ethan) and Mira Furan (Rousseau)




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