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1 01 2012

Lost 5×09 Namaste Promo:






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5 01 2012

Sayid, under the influence of Oldham’s drug, tells the truth about his arrival on the Island and being from the future, but all the Dharma people assume that the drug made him crazy. Oldham says, “Maybe I should’ve only used half a dropper? Oops.”

This mirrors other incidents on the show in which characters telling the truth would cause others to think they’re crazy and/or under the influence of drugs:

– Hurley wants to tell the public the truth about the Oceanic Six, but Jack says, “Do you think anyone’s going to believe that? They’ll think you’re crazy.”

– Desmond, in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”, recognizes Charlie on a street corner in London, and when he tries to explain how he remembers Charlie, Charlie says, “See folks, this is why we don’t do drugs!” (which is ironic because Charlie would eventually do heroin)

– Hurley’s theory as to why he, Locke and Ben are the only ones who can see the cabin is, “We’re the craziest”. In fact, there really was a cabin, and being crazy had nothing to do with seeing it.

– Jack is under the influence of oxycodone when he realizes, “We have to go back!” but Kate assumes Jack is just crazy from being on drugs. It turns out that Jack was right about having to go back, even though he sounded crazy.

– In the flash-sideways, Hurley assumes that Libby is crazy for recognizing him, especially after seeing that she’s a Santa Rosa patient, when in fact, she’s remembering their time together on the Island.

7 01 2012

Awesome!! Thanks Wayne!

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