Episode 54 – “Whatever Happened, Happened” & “Dead Is Dead”!

14 01 2012
Episode 54_
Join Ms Wright & TaylorBot3000 for LOST eps “Whatever Happened, Happened” & “Dead Is Dead”. Ms. Wright is still sick so this is a short podcast for us! This episode has one of Ms Wright’s favorite Biblical MiMos yet. It has a diagram & everythign on our blog! Check it out here: https://lostmirrormoments.wordpress.com/ There is not part too this week. Thanks & God Bless!
Biblical MiMo to The Time travel convo that Miles & Hurley had in “Whatever Happened, Happened”:
The scenes from the transcript:
[Miles looks at Jack and points at Kate, emphasizing her point. Miles walks over to the table where Hurley is inspecting his hand.]MILES: What the hell are you doing, Tubby?HURLEY: Checking to see if I’m disappearing.MILES: What?HURLEY: “Back to the Future”, man. We came back in time to the island and changed stuff. So if little Ben dies, he’ll never grow up to be big Ben, who’s the one who made us come back here in the first place. Which means we can’t be here. And therefore, dude? We don’t exist.

MILES: You’re an idiot. [Takes a seat at the table]


MILES: Yeah. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t change anything. Your maniac Iraqi buddy shot Linus. That is what always happened. It’s just…we never experienced how it all turns out.

[Hurley looks at Jack, confused.]

HURLEY: This is really confusing.

MILES: Yeah, well, get used to it. But the good news is that Linus didn’t die, so that means the kid can’t either. He’ll be fine.

KATE: Didn’t look like he was gonna be fine. What if you’re wrong?

MILES: Well, if I’m wrong, then I guess we all stop existing, and none of it matters anyway then, does it?

[The door opens and Sawyer rushes in.] ……

[Hurley is seated in the house, questioning Miles.]
HURLEY: Let me get this straight.[Miles is pacing.]HURLEY: All this already happened.MILES: Yes.HURLEY: So this conversation we’re having right now…we already had it.

MILES: [Claps his hands] Yes!

HURLEY: Then what am I gonna say next?

MILES: I don’t know. [Shakes his head.]

HURLEY: Ha! Then your theory is wrong!

MILES: For the thousandth time, you dingbat, the conversation already happened, but not for you and me. For you and me, it’s happening right now.

HURLEY: Okay, answer me this. If all this already happened to me, then…why don’t I remember any of it?

MILES: Because once Ben turned that wheel, time isn’t a straight line for us anymore. Our experiences in the past and the future occurred before these experiences right now.

[Hurley’s face tightens in confusion as he thinks, Miles stares at him.]

HURLEY: Say that again.

MILES: [Pauses in exasperation and pulls out his gun and holds it out for Hurley to take.] Shoot me. Please. Please!

HURLEY: Aha! I can’t shoot you. Because if you die in 1977, then you’ll never come back to the island on the freighter 30 years from now.

MILES: I can die because I’ve already come to the island on the freighter. Any of us can die because this is our present.

HURLEY: But you said Ben couldn’t die because he still has to grow up and become the leader of the Others.

MILES: Because this is his past.

HURLEY: But when we first captured Ben, and Sayid, like, tortured him, then why wouldn’t he remember getting shot by that same guy when he was a kid?[Miles blinks and looks around. Hurley raises his eyebrow.]MILES: Huh. I hadn’t thought of that.HURLEY: Huh. [Crossing his arms.]
Check out the diagram below. It demonstrates how God is outside of time & Jesus exists before time while we are in the time line. God planned for us long before he laid down earth’s foundations & time existed. The scriptures below support this. Pretty cool MiMo, huh??
God's Timeline

God's Timeline

John 17:24
New International Version (NIV)
24 “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.
Ephesians 1:3-5
The Message (MSG)
The God of Glory
3-6How blessed is God! And what a blessing he is! He’s the Father of our Master, Jesus Christ, and takes us to the high places of blessing in him. Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure he took in planning this!) He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving by the hand of his beloved Son.
From Mark, jeremybentham42 – Watching four NBA games & the NFL Wild card game while listening to the @LOSTMM podcast. #mediaoverload.
Media overload

Media overload


From Tina(@lostdogs20):

@lostmm check the article and see how many years it has been…truly I can’t make up all the #Lost number /name connections.

RT @BrkingSports Ratings: Denver-Pittsburgh Gets a 25.9 Overnight Rating, Best for an http://bit.ly/zP9PzG




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