Episode 58 – “LA X”

27 02 2012

Join Ms. Wright & Mark for LOST season 6 opener Ep “LA X”! Our intern Chris, aka LostWeatherGuy calls in for the first time & Bill Kava joins us for a bit too! We have fun talking about the parallels between LA X & the early LOST eps! We also have a lot of great Current MiMos to cover! Thx to Chris for keeping track of them for us!


Marks Hawaii Photos on his blog:


View at the photos in the order they are uploaded to hear about them while we talk about them on the podcast.

LOST – PILOT/LA X scene comparison / Oceanic 815 – Side by Side

The Ankh



Sayid being pulled out of the spring it looked like the men on the Cross.

3 Crosses

3 Crosses

The Island under water reminds me of the Lost city of Atlantis!



Miles asked Hurley if they where going to sing Khumbaya. This is an awesome version of the song I found on YouTube:

Soweto Gospel Choir – Khumbaya (OFFICIAL VIDEO):

From @DharmaScientist: So here’s a Lost homework assignment for you losties. Listen to the words of “Run through the Jungle” by CCR and tell me its not pure LOST:

Run Through The Jungle – Platoon *Edited By Chris Zotovich




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