Episode 59 – “What Kate Does” & “The Substitute”

5 03 2012

Join Michelle & Ms. Wright for LOST eps “What Kate Does” & “The Substitute”. We have a surprise first time caller you will not want to miss! It was a great treat from across the pond! The words of the night where MiMo & Numbers! It was a lot of fun & we hope you enjoy it! Please follow us on Twitter @LOSTMM


Footprints in the Sand poem that Michelle read. Thanks Michelle!

Footprints in the sand poem



This is where the LOST temple used to be! http://pic.twitter.com/n2qJbPTc

Where the Temple used to stand...

Where the Temple used to stand...

The Video from Michael about the doors that got graffiti on it.


@Celebok:Β  Wayne:
Like this check number and amount? πŸ™‚ #LOST #Numbers #geek @LOSTMM (He says it is a real check, he just won’t say what it is for.) πŸ˜‰

Wayne's LOST Numbers check

Wayne's LOST Numbers check


Mythbusters-Duct Tape

Mythbusters-Duct Tape

Cortney Williams ‏ @corrwill:@lostmm FIND THE LOST MM IN THIS SIGN πŸ™‚ #Disney24

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

pearl jam redemption song:




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