Episode 60 – “Lighthouse”&”Sundown”

11 03 2012

Join Ms. Wright & Corrwill for LOST eps “Lighthouse”&”Sundown”! We have a new calleriner with Tina calling in to talk about the upcoming movie Emperor! The words of the night are: Muttley, Squirrel Baby & Wings! It was a TON of fun & you will not want to miss “Nelly Time” that has returned!! Please follow us on Twitter @LOSTMM


Squirrel Baby

Squirrel Baby

Claire and Squirrel Baby

Claire and Squirrel Baby

Squirrel Baby Featurette:


Squirrel Baby on board sign in the writers room behind Carlton:

LOST Writers Room

LOST Writers Room

The Island Expanded Soundtrack – 09 Desiring (Johann S. Bach) –  The song David was playing on the piano:

U2 I Still Haven’t Found What Im Looking For Live From Milan:

Okay, We have to give it to Nelly on the Ducks MiMo to Sayid & Dogan fighting in a pool!! It’s Funny that is was for real!

Two wild ducks fighting over a mate in my back yard ……….for a long time:

BTW: Here is the Muttley laugh, (aka Ms. Wright’s laugh):


Family Guy – Brian Muttley Laugh:





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