Episode 66 – “Across the Sea”

30 04 2012

Join Ms Wright & Joel aka Comeuppence for MiMos in #LOST ep “Across the Sea”. This is a short podcast for us, but a fun one. The words of the night are: 23AD, Milli Vanilli & Mother. There is no other. Please follow us on twitter @LOSTMM! Thanks!


Aohora’s blog:


This Little Light of Mine – Addison Road

@jeremybentham42:  Mark
Unlike most people, I know the street address of my local KFC by heart. #thenumbersarebad  http://t.co/ZabvhQgD

@Celebok:    Wayne   Reply to  @jeremybentham42
In the LOST universe, that’d be Mr. Cluck’s.

Exclusive LI Mom Suffers Cruel ‘Cut’ After Donating Her Kidney To Boss Who Later Fires Her   http://t.co/CKb0xi43

@LostHeartToKate:  Rob
I call @LOSTMM to host the most thrilling LOST relationship disclosure since Jack & Claire discover they are siblings. http://t.co/ZlHNkqA6

May be this for my next red-wine @LOSTMM MiMo. I was hoping for a hint of black smoke, but at least its name fits well.  http://t.co/fxD1ty2k

Yes!! lol RT @wopsican: @LOSTMM would this be considered a LOST mirror moment? http://t.co/PAqnAEkU


@corrwill: to   @lostdogs20 @803er
You know what’s funny about that “Girl, I’m gonna Miss You ” song? It’s a @LostMM ROTFL

@LOSTMM:   To  @corrwill, @lostdogs20, @803er
What?! I don’t  get it. I’m late to the party.

@corrwill:  to  @lostmm @lostdogs20 @803er
SERIOUSLY think Lost and then watch it. It’s hilarious. It even
starts with Jack Bender painting ROTFL

(after a series of tweets by @lostdogs20 explaining how the topic came up)

@803er:  to  @LOSTMM @lostdogs20  @corrwill
“Previously on Twitter” has been brought to you  by the makers of Apollo Candy Bars and MacCutcheon Whiskey !

That Milli Vanilli video link.


Mother. There is no other:




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