Episode 67 – “What They Died For”

14 05 2012

Join Michelle & Ms Wendy for our penultimate LOST Re-Watch ep on LOST episode “What They Died For”. Find out what happened to Michelle’s Sorry Count & will Rob ever wake up to join us for Michelle’s last podcast as host? We have fun & you will get a preview of some Jack type tears before The End on May 26th! Please follow us on Twitter @LOSTMM


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From Rob:

Recently, on a local community radio station to me, there was a feature that included mention of a village close to where I reside. And within this village there are two pubs. The one that I have visited is named the Rose & Crown, and the OTHER one is named the Black Horse.

In this episode, Jack revisited the famous LOST line “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.” But I wonder if it was by coincidence or by fate that a few hours previous to me watching the young Jacob reclaim his ashes I was conversing on a Facebook post (as Robbie ‘Earl Rob’ Dormouse 😉 about a song entitled My Ashes by the the neo-prog-rock act Porcupine Tree?
I have a cherished but misty memory of when I was a very young child visiting the Welsh cave system of Dan (as in Daniel Faraday 😉 yr Ogof, And like the opening to the light in LOST, the Dan yr Ogof cave system’s mouth opening also has a stream flowing through it and includes waterfalls and a light within it.

Dan yr ogof entrance

Dan yr ogof entrance




3 responses

15 05 2012

Is anyone else having trouble getting this podcast episode to play? I’ve tried multiple times since it was uploaded yesterday, and it just gets stuck at “buffering” and never starts playing. I’m not seeing this problem with any of the other podcast episodes on this page; they all start playing just fine; it’s just this latest one. Maybe it needs to be re-uploaded?

15 05 2012

Sorry Wayne! I had the wrong link on the blog. It is working now. 🙂

16 05 2012

Yay, I’m listening to it now! Thanks!! 🙂

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