Episode 69 – Current MiMos!

25 06 2012

Join Ms Wright & Michelle for current MiMos! We talk about everything from Ounce Upon a Time to Prometheus. We have lots of cool Mirror Moments y’all! We also got a nice e-mail on The End from Jay Jay in Australia. Please follow us on twitter @LOSTMM. Thanks & God Bless!

Rob’s Current MiMos with extras:

Flashback to when yours truly, @LostHeartToKate, was a “Blondie” – just like Juliet. http://youtu.be/ADWqMC6n7lQ

Jack Osbourne was recently talking on the TV about his newly diagnosed illness, and within the interview he said “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do!” http://youtu.be/xkSOyfFfox8

In the past few days, I revisited one of my all-time favourite albums entitled Hey Petrunko. And two particular tracks upon it are entitled Hatch Opens and Open The Hatch. http://youtu.be/1MTpS8aSIH0
Last night, I participated in a mystery-voice radio quiz entitled The 80’s Icon. And the correct answer was a character from the long-running British TV show entitled Minder and was simply just named Dave. http://youtu.be/Nt4e0SouYw8

Whilst I was recently on-air on my call-in to the same radio station that was mentioned in my previous MiMo, I was number one on the call-in – just like I was number one on my call-ins to LOST Mirror Moments. http://youtu.be/6uhbVjXhCq8

Also a few weeks back regarding radio, I requested Downtown to be dedicated on radio to all the regulars involved with the podcast. http://youtu.be/JL5gnOI-XHI

And again in the past few weeks on radio, a presenter set a quiz question about polar bears – which was replied to by a listener with the trick question “Do polar bears eat Penguins?” And I replied to that with the following text message: “Polar bears don’t eat Penguin biscuits, but they do eat Apollo chocolate bars and Fox’s Glacier Mints.” http://youtu.be/d2gI9vstut4
I recently listened to legendary neo-prog-rock act IQ’s album Dark Matter. The album itself was released in 2004, the same year in which the first season of LOST was screened. And the album’s epic closing track, Harvest of Souls (which itself could be classified as a MiMo), includes the following set of MiMo lyrics: “Long before the living past, Had ripped it all apart, Something still remained, Until it flashed back to the start!”, The world is LOST, but loves America”, “A work of genius, The greatest story ever sold”, “No-one dares to look back”, “So I cut through the smoke and the noise”, “And the time has surely come, To understand who we are”, “And the living past returns, To reap the Harvest of Souls”. http://youtu.be/n7ocO-rOF_4

Sorry y’all, I don’t have time to do anything but copy & paste these Extras from what Intern Chris sent us.Hope you can still enjoy them! 🙂

More Extras:

Check out this thing at a local shopping center. How many #LOST MiMos do you see??  http://t.co/oej6nWIJ

@SarahHeartie:  Sarah
here’s a #LostMM brought to you from The back of my closet! 🙂 totally forgot about this.. http://t.co/5JAeVQUw

@mmjamallama:  Janey to @LOSTMM @lostfangirl
Check out my Mother’s Day gift from @arayro… #LOST pic.twitter.com/BuMQQ5P

@lostiegirl78: Amber
Bri just said, my name is Desmond. Do not knock on my hatch. #LOST @LOSTMM http://t.co/qiReRtun
@Oceanic815KC:  Kaysi   reply to @lostiegirl78 @lostmm
It exploded! Either Desmond or Juliet were obviously there!

@lostiegirl78:   reply to @Oceanic815KC @LOSTMM
Bri said definitely Desmond 🙂

@Oceanic815KC:  reply to @lostiegirl78 @lostmm
haha nice! Guessing he needed this… http://t.co/Cnv7wrh0

@lostiegirl78: to  @Oceanic815KC @lostmm
That’s for me! I want to go back in time when my child wasn’t
constantly sarcastic 😛
From Wayne, please read!

@Celebok:  to @LOSTMM
 I celebrated the two-year anniversary by writing this blog entry:  http://t.co/ZWDaZ8wc


@mmjamallama: Janey
@lostfangirl @LOSTMM @Celebok Maybe this MiMo is why polar bears were being studied on #LOST! seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews…

@LostHeartToKate:  Rob
Flashback to when yours truly, @LostHeartToKate, was a “Blondie” – just like Juliet. And almost a @LOSTMM reflection. http://t.co/pCgo1gP8

Epic closing track on the last album I listened to, and probably my most uncanny @LOSTMM yet. Get a load of the lyrics. http://t.co/mxwOXSNJ

Dedicated to all my #LOST friends on the @LOSTMM podcast! Played on my local community radio station by @mark_gravity. http://t.co/GFPTM8Aj

lol Love it! RT @Celebok: Bowling balls.  I couldn’t resist.  😉  #LOST #numbers @LOSTMM http://t.co/30sQeuKH

@lostiegirl78:  Amber to @LOSTMM @lostdogs20
I love this list! Sawyer and Kate!!! http://t.co/7BIjvr9x

@mmjamallama: @LOSTMM
You will get a kick out of this vid that @arayro sent me to celebrate & mirror Kate in 6.17 TheEnd! youtube.com/watch?v=bvx-q6…
@strangeangell: Chris Candella  to @LOSTMM
Aloha! Enjoy a little dark comedy,LOST inspired!!! please pass it on, Losties Unite!!!Mahalo! http://t.co/akpIFTsi

@DharmaSub: Joe to @LOSTMM
how about this one: http://t.co/mA1IpXFM
(Lost reference in Apple’s ios6 passport app)

@DharmaSub: @LOSTMM
how about this one: http://t.co/mA1IpXFM
(Lost reference in Diablo RPG)


We landed at gate #8, we got our bags from baggage claim #4, we picked our rental car from stall #E16! #LOSTMMTweetUp pic.twitter.com/omO77XA

I’m at Chick-fil-a & the guy ordering next to me had a total of $23.23!!! The #LOST Numbers are everywhere for the #LOSTMMTweetUP!!

@billkahva: To @LOSTMM @AfterLOST @mmJamallama @HispanicChris @KCDan108 @arayro
#LOSTMMTweetUP lots of numbers plus AA for Christian  http://t.co/3riPCQEY

We are waiting on the Congress ave bats to show up. Nothing yet. No Smokie! #LOSTMMTweeyUP http://t.co/PxWlzKqx

He’s not here yet. #SmokeMonster #LOSTMMTweetUp google.com/search?q=bats+…

@billkahva:  to @lostmm @mmjamallama
you have to consider this a MIMO even though we didn’t see it ourselves, the Austin smoke monster  http://t.co/qUumuwvE

@LOSTMM: It looks like we are on the island. 🙂 #LOSTMMTweetUp  http://t.co/UKobtllS

@billkahva: @LOSTMM
a week ago tonight I won this cool clock   http://t.co/qUumuwvE

Mirror moments of the numbers

Tempted to buy it for the #LOST MiMo alone. 😉 http://t.co/jn6OWHAQ

My #LOST gym MiMo for the night. 🙂 http://t.co/vfG3X2om

Looks like Chandler’s #LOST: @LOSTMM #friends http://t.co/Nd7EMuxP

@Celebok:  Wayne
This package of fish is just the right weight…  😉  #LOST @LOSTMM http://t.co/QpKuWJOy


That’s it LOSTies!! Thanks & God Bless!




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