Episode 70 – Current MiMos!

3 09 2012
Join Ms Wright, Ms Wendy & Wayne as we discuss current LOST MiMos! We have a lot of fun talking about Oceanic Airlines & Executive Decision movie. I also get upset with Wayne at the end over our first Christmas special. You don’t want to miss out on the fun! Thanks & God Bless!

Robs MiMo

Robs MiMo

Our Baby Nursery Room – #LOST / Dharma Theme:



The pastor  mentions #LOST in the message today! You can hear it here starting in 8 minutes! Great message for singes! http://www.gatewaychurch.com/Portals/0/messages/01%20Dating.mp3

@LostHeartToKate:  It radiated an electromagnetic field. @GoBoSox54 #TheXFiles #LOST @LOSTMM flashback #FF “http://www.putlocker.com/embed/9133910471AE1BC4”

@GoBoSox54: @Lostmm @lostfangirl
Check this #Lost MiMo out! http://t.co/iwUDzl0a

@Russ24L: 26 Best Cult TV Shows Ever | Photo 16 of 26 | http://t.co/fMRKU3Bf http://t.co/q6lppDXa / 16? #LOST awesome coincidental, thanks @EW @LOSTMM

@derbykid: reply to @lostdogs20
Every time I listen to “You Found Me”, I think about this: http://t.co/AqUiOI67 It makes me so happy. #LOST

@Oceanic815KC:  to @bethanyshady
I’m just gonna blame it on being tired. 🙂 but it looks AWESOME! 🙂 http://t.co/cd3vF9Qr

@lostweatherguy:  @LOSTMM
This is a good article about #LOST that I’ve seen several mention. Thought I’d bring it to your attention.


@lostdogs20:  @LOSTMM
Here is screencap of  @PeterWebber ‘s Arctic Rising page when He hit 815 pts last night.  A at great MM http://t.co/7iOSEymk

@lostfangirl: Michelle
Check out my great parking space! @LOSTMM http://t.co/k7pPr94R
@valnaas: Valerie
#Lost at the ball game! http://t.co/Dg1mLHWb

@valnaas:  to @lostweatherguy
this is for you!  #Lost and #Reds
BTW…Joey just got a run! http://t.co/Lg3MrIUS

Rob’s MiMos:
I recently watched the movie Dead Poets Society, and the carpe diem scene features pictures of the whispering deceased. http://youtu.be/78R4hLZ4hko
2112 is a poor score upon the aforementioned Song Pop. But it is also the title of a not-so-poor Rush album track that has recently featured prominently in my life and which includes the following MiMo lyric line: “Let them all make their own music.” http://youtu.be/LQEgZNqa8jE
For yet anOTHER radio theme show I recently submitted the chosen subject to, I suggested the Marathon song “Beyond the Veil”. And “Beyond the Veil” lyrically concerns musings of the afterlife. http://youtu.be/cs6jN3J5Pvg

I have recently re-watched possibly my favourite X-Files episode, entitled “Sunshine Days”. And several minutes into the episode, which I was viewing on the MiMo-named website putLOCKEr, I was surprised to see a main character who went by the surname of Reyes and a guest character played by Michael Emerson. The Emerson character possessed an out-of-control electromagnetic power, and was seen in a flashback scene as a “special” child. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunshine_Days
I recently watched an episode of the hit British sitcom entitled Inbetweeners, that includes a female character becoming excited by a male character making the faux sound of a tiger – and Michelle enjoys yours truly making the faux sound of a tiger. The same episode also includes mention of the real-life musical group named Failsafe. And MiMo song titles by Failsafe include “Mirror Mirror”, and “Time Moves Closer”. The artwork on the Failsafe album “Routines” features a ship in a bottle (http://bit.ly/PJuiyM). And to link to my previous X-Files MiMo, anOTHER Faisafe album is entitled “The Truth Is…”
On Facebook, recently, I spotted a meme that includes the following Jack-related MiMo text: “Sometimes it is better to move on instead of being the only one willing to fix things.”




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