LOST 2014 Gathering Recap Parts 1 & 2

15 10 2014

Join Ms Wright & Janey while we re-cap our adventures in Honolulu Hawaii during the LOST 2014 gathering. In part 1 we were joined by Bill Kava, Wayne aka @Celebok, Amy aka @Smartgirl23, Sam aka Hurley’s double & Jo Opinionated as well as the event organizer Kelley called in too! We had lots of fun with tons of LOSTies in the chat as well! In part 2 We are joined by other LOSTies that also journeyed to the island. LOSTMM Hosting Partner Michelle also joined us about her trips to Hawaii. We also interviewed Alison & friends that did a great remake video of “The End”.

***These podcasts are dedicated to the memory of our fellow LOSTie Bonnie Craft. RIP Bonnie, we miss you!***

Part 1:


Part 2:



Notes on the podcast:

Waynes vid:

My Hawaii Trip (LOST 2014)


Bills vid:

Hawaii LOST2014


Alisons vid:

Moving On- Lost 2014



Lost in Hawaii vid staring Paul aka @TK10815


Lost the Musical:



Waynes cool Thank you Kelley photo:

Wayne Thank you Kelley

LOST Tour: Lana’i Lookout blog:


Lindsay’s Bad Robot Crazy Claire Costume That won first place at the LOST 2014 contest


Susan’s Highlight photos, check them out!


Here is one really cool one:

Susans Pilon pic

That is it for now Losties! Thanks & God Bless!




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