Special Podcast honoring LOSTie Bonnie Craft.

18 10 2014

This is a Special podcast honoring the memory of Bonnie Craft. Ms Wright was joined by Bonnies good friend Caleb Woods for this podcast. We also had great LOSTies call in to share their special memories of Bonnie. Thanks to JOpinionated who sent in a prerecorded message about Bonnie as well! RIP Bonnie the LOST community Loves you & Misses you! You will always be with us sistah!

Bonnie as queen




Don’t forget to send letters for Bonnie’s family about her to Caleb by October 27th to address:

Caleb Woods

3289 Old Chisholm Rd

Apt A

Florence, AL 35630

or email him at cwwoods@una.edu




Bonnie’s Blog: http://amazingexgirlfriend.blogspot.com/

The Desmond doll Bonnie made:



Cancer Gets LOST – In Loving Memory of Bonnie Craft (March 12, 1959 – September 25, 2014)

If you do make a donation to the ACS in any amount,(Just $5) in Bonnie’s memory, please email us a copy of your receipt (cancergetslost at gmail dot com or to Jopinionated at gmail dot com), because we’d love to send you one of her custom LOST Squirrel Baby on Board car signs (we will ship them anywhere around the world)




Lost 2014 – In memory of Bonnie Craft

Great video by Heinz Treschnitzer in honor of Bonnie. (Must be watched on a computer)




Bonnie’s Tribute Wall:



Thank you to all of the LOSTies that where part of this special podcast!! Our deepest condolences go out to Bonnie’s family & close friends!

Thanks & God Bless!




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