Rules & Co-Hosting tips:

This is my Podcast,  & I get to make up the rules. So here they are, comments are welcome.

1) We are going to be talking about the parallels in Lost to anything you want to. We are NOT here to bash anyone or LOST. I don’t want to hear any bashing of my beloved show LOST, or of any of my listeners that share their Mirror Moments with us. We will be talking religion & if you disagree, please only respond with your own Mirror Moment, or keep it to your opinion only. I don’t want any debates please. Also, we are not here to judge anyone. In John 8:15 Jesus says: “You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one.”

2) Lets keep politics out of it please. If you have a parallel to a political form of fiction, that is cool. However, lets not take it into real life politics.

3) If you are going to call in, & PLEASE call in, you have to have a TalkShoe ID to talk on the Podcast. I will not be letting Guests on to the call, sorry. It is easy to get a TalkShoe ID, just make up a name, I don’t care, but lets be official peeps!

4) If you are going to be giving a parallel to a movie, book or something else that will be a spoiler, please try to say “Spoiler Alert” before talking about it. Inception is a perfect example of needing a “Spoiler Alert”!
(If the subject is over 10 years old, we will not be worrying about saying spoiler alert. This is Hispanic Chris’ suggestion & we agree.)

5) This is a family show.  So, no crude comments, profanity or pornography references. We are going to keep the strong language to what was on the show its self only please! PG13 show here folks, Thanks!

6) Have FUN!! This is supposed to be fun & FUN we shall have my fellow LOSTies! 🙂

LOST Mirror Moments Co-Hosting tips & instructions.

Thank you for co-hosting with LOST Mirror Moments! We are happy to have you be part of the podcast. Please read the rules above beforehand. 🙂
Please call in 15 minutes before the recording is to start at 8pm cst so that we can make sure you sound okay.
You will just need to have at least a couple Mirror Moments for the two episodes we are covering.
Ms. Wright or Michelle will ask you to introduce yourself & give us your LOST story. (You can give your twitter or contact info. out if you want, but if you don’t that is cool too!)
We will rate the two episodes per the re-watch from 1-10 mirrors, 10 mirrors being the highest.
Ms. Wright or Michelle will go over any Polls, & any Rear View/Missing Mirror Moments. Then, you will give your mirror moments first for both episodes we are covering.
We will take callers after your mirror moments & the host will end with their Mirror Moments.
Any Current Mirror Moments to talk about will be at the end.
We will close part 1 with the contact info. for the podcast.

We will do Trivia & Bloopers for the LOST eps in part 2.

Also, please be available for at least 2.5 – 3.5 hours. We try to keep it at 2 hours, but we go long sometimes. 🙂
If you can please keep an eye on the chat, for stuff that we may want to mention. If you can’t that is fine too.
Make sure to go to the bathroom before we start & have some water, or something to drink close by. You prob. want to eat dinner before too. (Don’t forget a snack like Ding Dongs! lol)
Please make sure your cell phone is fully charged, or plugged in if you are going to use your cell phone to call in. Please also make sure that the volume on any of your computers are muted so that we don’t get feedback on the call. 🙂

Be prepared to have fun! Relax & don’t worry about being perfect! We are a very laid back podcast! 🙂

Thanks & God Bless!

Ms. Wright

(And Michelle)

*PS: By co-hosting you agree to have your voice recorded & used by LOST Mirror Moments at any time. Thanks!


2 responses

19 08 2010

Great list of rules Ms. Wright!

19 08 2010

Thank you SO much Zemus!

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